Up Close and Amazing – Research Staff

Apollo_11-KSCFacilitating research success at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is a bit like preparing for a NASA launch. We know the principal investigators and research involved, but may not be familiar with the small army of research support staff and technicians who help facilitate grant funding, navigate regulatory hurdles, and protect animal/human health every day.

Up Close & Amazing is intended to introduce and focus on these dedicated UAMS research support folks. This page highlights a research staffer every other month.

 Meet the Director of Cost Accounting – Ty Stephens, CPA, MBA

Are there any challenges?
One of the main job challenges is having to answer a lot of questions with, “It depends.” Federal regulations have a lot of variances/peculiarities and I must balance UAMS institutional risk with a logical level of protection for the research enterprise.  At the same time, I never want to create any unnecessary burden on the research investigator or project.


carrie_chiaro_cropMeet Research Compliance Audit Manager – Carrie Chiaro

What does your job involve?
“The Research Compliance office conducts audits of individual studies to ensure protocols, IRB polices, and federal regulations are followed. The protection of human subjects is key. Our office also provides education to the UAMS research community and consultations to get new studies off to a good start.”


engi_headshot-sizedMeet Animal Husbandry Supervisor/Veterinary Assistant – Bridgette Engi

What career advice would you offer for folks interested in DLAM?
“My advice is to always be willing to do any aspect of the career you are interested in from the bottom up. This will build your knowledge and understanding as you advance. For those interested in working with animals; you must be passionate and compassionate. Working in research, with or without animals, requires patience and persistence.”


edith paal final 8.15 croppedMeet Institutional Research Board (IRB) Research Program Manager – Edith Paal

What is your favorite part of the job?
“The diversity of protocols and working with PIs with various levels of experience (e.g. students to long-time faculty members) keeps each day interesting.”



Meet the Head of UAMS Library Education &Reference Services – Susan Steelman
and Library Research & Clinical Search Services Coordinator – Sheila Thomas

Steelman_crp Sheila_Thomas Susan and Sheila’s combined strengths? “Since 2011, we have conducted literature searches, taught classes and experienced cancer together. Through it all, we are here to help others do their work.”


Meet Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Administrator – Kerrey Roberto 


Kerrey’s favorite part of her job is, “Interacting with the research community and learning about the interesting projects going on in UAMS & ACHRI laboratories.”