Digital Microscopy CoreThe Digital Microscopy Core operates and maintains computer controlled microscope workstations ranging from light to electron microscopy. We offer advice, training and user support for equipment operation (e.g., 3D SIM, PALM, CLEM, TEM) and sample preparation such as chemical fixation of cell culture and tissue samples.

See core director, Brian Storrie, Ph.D., on What the Digital Microscopy Imaging Core Can Do for You: Microscopes and Research Examples, 5-20-21

The core also provides a range of sample preparation equipment for electron microscopy including a Leica high pressure freezer and freeze substitution units and a FEI Vitrobot unit for plunge freezing of samples. A Leica UC7 ultramicrotome is available for plastic sectioning for electron microscopy. Thick sections are cut with glass knifes for electron tomography. There is a Leica UC7 for cryosectioning. We also support negative staining and cryo-electron microscopy approaches to protein structure.