Development Enhancement Awards for Proposals

The Development Enhancement Awards for Proposals (DEAP) grant program (max award $25,000 for one year) provides funds to address comments or needed revisions for new/established faculty members from all UAMS colleges who have received a score/comments on an unsuccessful proposal submitted to a federal agency/foundation with full indirect costs. DEAP grants help PIs obtain additional data to respond directly to reviewers’ comments and increase a revised application’s competitiveness. DEAP funding is strictly limited to strengthening the reapplication of a scored proposal and must be submitted within 12 months of receiving reviewers’ comments. All DEAP recipients must submit a final report on the disposition of the resubmitted grant and its scoring, as well as a list of pertinent publications/submitted grant applications. (Note: Only one DEAP award is allowed per scored grant submission. Faculty salaries are not allowed.)

Please submit your application via the form below.