The UAMS Division of Research and Innovation (R&I) researchers rely heavily upon federal grants, foundations, and the support of our citizens. Together we can solve health concerns for all Arkansans!

Currently, Arkansans are struggling against an unseen invader that threatens the health, happiness, and futures of our families, friends, and co-workers. This insidious threat, the coronavirus known as COVID-19, has sickened and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.  In fact, the United States with 4% of the global population currently has over 26% of the global deaths (July 2020).

Join us in the COVID-19 fight today!


But UAMS researchers refuse to give ground. We are working around the clock to develop better testing methods, treatments, and a vaccine to fight COVID-19.  Here are a few of those exciting projects.

R&I is committed to providing PPE, testing, and research pilot/equipment grants to help our students, postdocs, faculty, and staff get through this pandemic while continuing our crucial work.

Help us beat back COVID-19.

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Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research | Innovation

IRB Giving


2019 UAMS Day of Giving

IRB Director, Edith Paal, M.S. Journ., M.P.H., CIP, CHRC (left) and Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD, VCR&I (right)