Time Sensitive Research Funding

To enable UAMS faculty and their collaborators around the nation to launch research projects to advance our understanding of the COVID-19 epidemic, contribute to better clinical practices, and improve public health preparedness and responses, Vice Chancellor Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD (VCRI) and the Division of Research & Innovation will fund 4-5 highly relevant research projects that can provide immediate solutions.  Applicants must respond by April 6, 2020.

Proposals will be reviewed on a rotational basis by an ad hoc committee appointed by the VCRI. Funds will be released quickly to enable research to begin immediately. These time sensitive grants are subject to UAMS requirements for IRB, IACUC, biosafety, and data-sharing clauses. Publications and extramural funding applications are expected accomplishments and outcomes.  Please submit your  application via the form below.


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    Cross-disciplinary team research and use of new technologies is encouraged.
  • Please describe your plans for leveraging Time Sensitive Research Awards to obtain external funding awards. List agency/foundation and target submission date(s) that you plan to submit to and how these funds will support your application.
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    Upload the respective IRB/IACUC/Biosafety approval with your submission. Funds will not be released unless these approvals are submitted with application.
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  • The application should be comprised of: a) Specific Aims, b) brief NIH biosketch for PI and Co-Investigator(s), c) Research duration (6, 9, or 12 months), d) Budget, and e) Budget Justification. Specific Aims and other backup material are not to exceed a combined TOTAL of 2 pages. Time Sensitive Research Award requests may seek up to $50,000. Acknowledgement of funding source in publications and annual reports are required as usual.
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