June 9, 2020

Meet Meredith Joheim, M.S., Editor, SciCom

JoheimHow long have you worked at UAMS? How long have you been in your current position?
I have worked at UAMS for just over a year as an editor in the Science Communications Group, Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network.

What is your favorite part of the job? How has your previous experience augmented your current position?
I love that a portion of my job duties relies on the knowledge and experiences I gained in my past career as a bench scientist. I conducted research at a Genetics Institute (Wyeth) and coordinated animal studies at Charles Rivers Labs, where I also gained IACUC experience. After that, I wrote and edited national toxicological reports for a biotech services company.

Are there any challenges?
We edit grants and manuscripts with subject matter that encompasses a variety of scientific research. I enjoy the challenge of familiarizing myself with the specific area of any given project that I am editing. It keeps my scientific brain engaged and happy.

How does your work assignment interact with other research support components with the Division of Research and Innovation?
We edit projects for Principal Investigators from all departments within UAMS.

How do you/your group handle problematic issues?
Continuous Communication.
If, for instance, we need to know an RFA number or to what journal a manuscript will be submitted, we contact the PI. He or she is usually very willing to provide any information that will help us edit their projects to the best of our abilities.

How many applications/proposals/articles/samples do you work on annually?
Generally, we work on approximately 50 projects throughout the year. I am particularly interested in immunology and population science, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across our nation and the world.

How about after hours? What do you do for fun?
I like to have fun with my four children. When we are not watching my teenage daughters at a wrestling meet or a dance competition, we are taking my preschoolers to a soccer game or a fun event around town. There is never a dull moment when we are all together.
I also like to have fun with my friends, whether it be going to a show at one of the local theaters or just going out for dinner.

What personal skill or hobby don’t most people know about you?
I am a Boston native and before I had kids, my two favorite hobbies were hockey (playing and watching) and quilting. Although I do not get to play or watch much hockey anymore, I still enjoy sewing, knitting, and quilting.

I also have completed the Boston to New York AIDS Ride. Biking over three days, the 275-mile ride was challenging but very rewarding.

Any last thoughts on your position as a science editor?
I’d like to thank my boss and my coworkers for being awesome people to work with.