Established by the division of Research and Innovation in 2020, the mission of the Research Academy is to build a sustainable research community, create innovative care models, transformative medical breakthroughs and elevate UAMS research excellence overall.  This aligns with the UAMS Vision 2029 mission to make Arkansas the healthiest state in the region.

As our first initiative, Research and Innovation has partnered with the Translational Research Institute to launch a Mentored Grant-Writing Program for its Research Academy Scholars. This initiative seeks to expand research grant success through a structured grant-writing program and dedicated expert mentorship.

Mentored Grant-Writing Program

The inaugural Research Academy Scholars class will consist of up to 8 UAMS faculty members who are targeting an October 5, 2020, R01 proposal submission. Approximately one half of selected Scholars will be working in clinical and translational research.

To apply:  Applicants must submit a:  1) fully-developed Specific Aims page, 2) up to 3 pages of preliminary data, and 3) nomination letter of support from their department chair or unit head. R01 resubmissions/revisions are encouraged. Applications should be submitted through the Research and Innovation Research Academy submission form by March 27, 2020. The Mentored Grant-Writing Program will begin on April 14, 2020, with award notification on or about April 7th.

Selected scholars will meet in the evening (weekly) through distance learning with Dr. Peg Atkisson from April 14, 2020 to June 2, 2020. Each scholar will be mentored by a seasoned faculty mentor (see below) and is expected to establish and follow a project management plan to meet UAMS and extramural proposal submission deadlines. Each scholar will participate in all aspects of the grant submission process by interacting with each of the Research and Innovation offices (e.g., OSPAN, IRB, IACUC, and ORSP).

SCHOLAR Selection Criteria
Full-time UAMS faculty members, regardless of rank and campus affiliation/location, are eligible to apply. Faculty who are current recipients of federal trainee programs are not eligible (e.g., KL2, K, or COBRE).  Applications will be evaluated by a review panel for the feasibility of funding, scientific merit, strength of the preliminary data, and evidence of strong institutional support (letter from chair/unit head).

MENTOR Selection Criteria
The UAMS Research Academy is seeking seasoned researchers with a proven track record of funding and mentoring success for this and future initiatives.

Faculty named and participating as a Research Academy Mentor will receive a research voucher of $2500 if the assigned Scholar’s proposal is submitted for the October 5, 2020, deadline. Additional vouchers will be rewarded if the mentored proposal is scored ($2500) and funded ($2500), for a potential total voucher of $7500. The vouchers can be divided among multiple mentors, if desired. Mentors may solicit the expertise of other faculty members as needed. The primary Research Academy Mentor will also participate in Dr. Atkisson’s distance-learning program.

To apply: Potential mentors must submit a: 1) letter of support from their department chair or unit head nominating them, 2) personal statement describing their mentorship philosophy and experience including a list of successful mentees and outcomes (1 page total), and 3) current NIH biosketch. Applications should be submitted through the Research and Innovation submission portal by March 27, 2020.

Research Academy Mentors must have a current or strong history of NIH funding (e.g., R01 or equivalent, P01, P20, P30, U01, multi-year DoD, or VA Merit Review). Mentors who successfully mentor a Scholar that receives an R01, they will be considered Bronze Mentors; if 2 mentees, (Silver Mentors); if 3 mentees (Gold Mentors); and 3+ mentees, (Platinum Mentors). All mentors will be highlighted on the UAMS Research and Innovation website.

For more information, please contact Andrea McBryde, Division of Research and Innovation.