Established by the division of Research and Innovation in early 2020, the Research Academy’s mission is to build a sustainable research community, create innovative care models, transformative medical breakthroughs and elevate UAMS research excellence overall.  This aligns with the UAMS Vision 2029 mission to make Arkansas the healthiest state in the region.

  • Mentored Grant-Writing Program
    • Research and Innovation partnered with the Translational Research Institute to launch a Mentored Grant-Writing Program for its Research Academy Scholars. This initiative expands research success through a structured grant-writing program and dedicated expert mentors. The inaugural class was selected in April 2020.
    • If you are interested in applying for the 2021 class, check out the application details.
  • Targeted Training/Seminar Series
    • Work is underway to develop this program goal in light of the ongoing coronavirus challenges.
  • What is Your 5-year Plan?
  • Tooting Your Own Horn!
    • Explains how to share your research and its importance with non-scientists, donors, foundations, and the media.  (Hint: Methods/depth of detail are different!)