UAMS researchers work in labs across campus in a variety of buildings. Many are located in Biomedical Research buildings I & II. The following are contact links and descriptions of who, what, where, and when to call them.

  • Research Freezers (-80 degrees)

    • There are dedicated circuits to all the -80’s in the common equipment rooms/labs
      and freezers are wired with monitoring alarms
    • Each freezer must have:
      • up-to-date emergency contact name and after hours phone numbers posted on freezer
      • alarm parameters on the unit set for the tolerance of the products stored
    • Contact Engineering & Operations (501-526-0000 call center) if you need to:
      • move a unit
      • add or dispose of a unit
      • have concerns about power or temperature issues
      • need to update lab/freezer contact information
    • If you are leaving campus, make sure your department knows the disposition of all freezers, samples, and chemicals in the lab(s).
  • Research Poster Boards

    • The UAMS Division of Research has a number of poster boards for use on campus for highlighting research events. If your college would like to reserve these boards for an event, the following steps apply:
      • Contact Janice L. Rhodes, 501-686-8899, email Janice to check for scheduling availability and to be sure the number of boards needed are available.
      • Poster board move reservations (to/from event location) must be made via the Operational Support Services online move team form.
      • Research poster boards are cork and tape may not be used to affix posters. Push pins must be provided by the user.