Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, NIH has provided guidance and information. This page will be updated as new info becomes available.


Proposal Submission & Award Management

  • UPDATE: NIH Late Application Policy Due to Public Health Emergency for United States for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NOT-OD-20-091
  • Proposal Submission and Award Management Related to COVID-19 – NOT-OD-20-083
  • Flexibility Available to Federal Funding Applicants/Recipients Affected by COVID-19 – NOT-OD-20-086
  • Temporary, Emergency Situations Due to COVID-19 and Application Scores Received During Peer Review; NIH Peer Review Guidance
  • Guidance for Cost-Related Flexibilities Available to Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Award Recipients Affected by COVID-19 – NOT-GM-20-026
  • Contract details/salary changes must be directed to the contracting officer and handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • COVID-19 Portfolio Tool – NIH Resource to Analyze COVID-19 Literature (search by topic, author, source) in real time.

Extending Early Stage Investigator Status (ESI) Due to COVID-19 Disruptions

  • To extend your ESI status, calculate the amount of research time lost overall due to COVID-19 impacts (e.g., lab staffing, supply ordering holds, research support, etc.) and submit a request. ESI extension submission instructions may be found here.

Human Subjects & Clinical Trials

Animal Welfare

Peer Review

  • Based on NIH Guidance on Travel and Meetings – in-person NIH peer review meetings are being held in alternate formats. Scientific review officers will be in contact with peer reviewers about these changes.