The UAMS Research Committee (URC) is an advisory group to the Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation. The URC is composed of 2 members from each of the colleges (i.e. College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, and College of Health Professions), as well as the Dean of the Graduate School, Academic Senate member, and non-voting Division of Research and Innovation,  Ex officio members. The VCRI and the Chair of the UAMS Research Committee may invite others to present at URC monthly meetings as appropriate.

Current URC representatives are:

  • Position 1 – (VCR) Shuk-Mei Ho
  • Position 2 – (COM) Karl Boehme
  • Position 3 – (COM/CoPH) Paula Roberson
  • Position 4 – (CON) Sara Jones
  • Position 5 – (CON) Corey Nagel
  • Position 6 – (COP) Brad Martin
  • Position 7 – (COP) Marjan Boerma
  • Position 8 – (CoPH) Joseph Su
  • Position 9 – (CHP) Reza Hakkak
  • Position 10 – (CHP) Samuel Atcherson
  • Position 11 – (Academic Senate) Steve Post (Chair)
  • Position 12 – (Dean of Graduate School) Bobby McGehee
  • Ex officio – (Exec. Assistant to VCRI) – Andrea McBryde

For more information contact, Andrea McBryde.