In addition to research funding from donors, corporations, foundations and federal sources, UAMS offers internal funding opportunities. Open to research faculty, they have various deadlines.

Campus-wide Funding

Arkansas Breast Cancer Research Program – was created by the state  legislature in 1992 – there are $800,000 available for research funding every year. It is a state program administered by UAMS. The RFP is announced yearly (late spring) through UAMS announcements, Cancer Institute communication avenues and via academic research institutions statewide.

College of Medicine Research Grants – Learn more about COM funding.

Development Enhancement Awards for Proposals (DEAP) Grant Program – addresses comments or needed revisions for faculty members who have received a score/comments on an unsuccessful proposal to a federal agency/foundation with full indirect costs. DEAP grants ($25,000 max) help PI’s obtain more data to address review comments and increase a revised application’s competitiveness. DEAP is strictly limited to strengthening reapplications following receipt of a scored proposal and must be submitted within 12 months of receiving review comments.

Easy Win-Early Victory (EWEV) Pilot and Core Facility Use Awards
The Division of Research and Innovation’s Easy Win-Early Victory pilot ($15,000) and core facility ($2,500) grants augment the capabilities of UAMS researchers. The 2020 EWEV funds have been awarded. See awardee list here. New information will be disseminated as 2021 funding becomes available.

Faculty Research Enhancement (FRE) Awards – for UAMS faculty to engage in a short-term activity to strengthen/enhance their research capabilities (e.g., participation in a structured, hands-on workshop; visit a university/research institute, or company to learn a new technique/method/data analysis). Eligible faculty (i.e., assistant professor or higher) may request up to $7,000 for  transportation, lodging, meals, registration, supplies and fees.  For more info, contact Andrea McBryde.

Fund to Cure Stroke – $30,000 max (with extension potential). These stroke  grants provide seed funds to advance/develop individual research programs. Support focuses on:  1) new stroke therapies and translation into clinical care; 2) improved diagnosis, diagnostic imaging and stroke care; 3) improved methods of stroke prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; or 4) clinical and pre-clinical stroke-related research. See guidelines.

Medical Research Endowment Fund – MRE grants provide pilot research funding ($10,000 – 15,000 max) for the development of scientifically significant, extramurally funded research projects. Support is focused on new research areas for junior investigators or new lines of investigation for established faculty members.

Time Sensitive Research Grants – enables UAMS faculty and their collaborators around the nation to launch research projects to advance our understanding of the COVID-19 epidemic, contributes to better clinical practices, and improves public health preparedness and responses, Vice Chancellor Shuk-Mei Ho, Ph.D. (VCRI) funded 6 highly relevant research projects in April 2020. See awardee list.

Translational Research Institute (TRI) – Innovative Clinical and Translational Research Award (ICTRA) program offers pilot awards which provide approximately $50,000 in direct funding for novel research projects within the translational spectrum. Get more information.

UAMS Equipment Grant
For the acquisition of new/replacement, shared use, research equipment. UAMS faculty (LR and NW Arkansas) may submit applications throughout the year. Funding decisions are made once a year (~April) with awards made in May/June. There is no max budget, but funding is based on year-end fund availability. Apply here.